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Big Forest Pack Demo - Unreal Engine 4.26

This demo contains only a single map of the 'Big Forest Pack' asset.
If you purchase the 'Big Forest Pack', you will receive a total of 70 example maps.
The terrain is always the same, but differently vegetated!)
The demo also shows only 136 meshes out of a total of 1900!
Only the summer version of the trees is included here.
The demo does not contain 'strong breeze' tree types!
In this demo the trees are included in the 'flat leaves' version.
Here you can see the difference between 'flat leaves' and 'random leaves'.
For most of the trees both tree mesh variants are included in the 'Big Forest Pack'!

In this demo, displacement + tessellation is turned off for the bark texture of the trees!
The integrated flight mode is exclusively included in this demo and can be purchased here.

Key control:

W, A, S, D










opens the wind control sliders -> works also during flight mode!

changes camera view
start to fly
Turbo boost (during the flight mode)


shows the current wind strength
displays the current wind animation speed (light breeze, strong breeze, mixed wind)

Required hard disk space after unpacking (4K Impostors): 12 GB

Required hard disk space after unpacking: 8 GB

Performance test with RTX 3090 + DLSS: 40 FPS average

Download - Demo

Download - Demo - 4K Impostors

(RTX 3000 - DLSS)

Download - Demo - DLSS
Download - Demo - (4K Impostors) + DLSS

Extract the file with WinRAR, 7-Zip or WinZip. You get all programs for free:

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